It’s Been a Minute.

Per the norm I really haven’t felt like writing much.  Again, I have found myself in that space where there are all kinds of things I could yap about but….am too lazy to actually execute.

Life has been pretty good.

Pretty damn good.

This year has been filled with quite of lot of shows spaced out in a comfortable time line.  Meaning that I haven’t been pulling my hair out trying to come up with routines.  I’ve also got enough of them in the bank that I can now just pull from the archives.

With that said, it still isn’t all easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I still get those loops of utter disappointment when I don’t nail something I have done a thousand times before.

Case in point.

I recently did my booty swing number a few weeks ago for a local Burlesque show.

I’ve done this number quite a bit, and have always pretty much rocked it.  However this particular night, as I went to kick the hoop up and catch it around my waist, my projectory and force was off….and the hoop went nowhere.  I was stunned for a second as the hoop clumsily lifted only an inch and wobbly flopped back down on the floor.  And this is only 30 seconds in.  However, the show must go on.

Try as I might to gain the momentum back i just couldn’t.  My next fumble was losing total control of the hoop during a chest roll and watching it roll away from me and almost off the stage into the audience.

Talk about being Mortified.

Again, can’t let that stop the number.  I just ran after it like an idiot smiling and laughing and carried on.

After it was all said and done…..I just wanted to cry.

I was in a good funk about it for two days after.

The kicker was I had practiced both these parts not more than 30 mins before going on stage and nailed them every time.

Stupid law of probability.


All and all it hasn’t been that disapointing of a performing year.

Earlier this year I was nominated Fan favorite at another local burlesque show, which was pretty cool.  I finally came up with a Twin Peaks number that I had floating around in my head for the past few years (and I have to say, it was probably my BEST number ever due to how freaking relaxed I was. ….**Mental Note ….JUST RELAX!!**)

The troupe that I am a part of put on a huge benefit show to raise money for a local Women & Children’s shelter, raising over $1,4000…which if you ask me, isn’t too shabby.

I’ve been asked to come and perform with other local groups and events…

And there is still more on the horizon.