R-October 2015

For some reason Facebook is not showing my latest note about my Favorite time of the year…. R-October.

R-October started back around 2004 or so, after a disappointing summer. A friend and I decided to take our favorite holiday season and turn it into a bonanza of activities of fun stuff to do.

Over the years the list has evolved, but the main goal has always been to cram in as much awesome shit as possible

Beacause… Why not?

Of course some of these activities are limited to happenings around my area, (And shameless plugs) but I am quite sure there are unique goings on all over the place.

Know of something, or have somethin R-Octobery to suggest doing? Let me know! Always looking for cool stuff to do!
Without further adieu…………….
-Get lost in a Corn maze.
-Check out a Haunted house.
-Watch 1 scary movie you haven’t seen and 1 you have seen a million times and can’t get enough of.
-Carve a pumpkin.
-Take a walk around a cemetery.
-Night time bike ride. (as in the past for the more adventerous I suggest getting a group together to ride on a local bike path such as the Bike and Hike or Towpath, but with one stipulation. . . You must have some sort of light other than a bike light. Mag lights, birthday candles, and kerosene lanterns have been used in the past. . . make it good, make it origional, but also remember to MAKE IT SAFE!!!! And wear your helmets!) -Two hikes- one at Virginia Kendal.
-Drink lots of apple cider.
-Drink a Moscow mule.
-Visit a place of supposed folklore or somewhere that is haunted.
-Wear Vampire teeth.
-Attend a Halloween party.
-Halloween store hi jinks.- visit Halloween stores and try stuff on.
-Take your picture with a Classic Horror Movie Monster.
-Pet a black cat
-Get picture taken with a scary looking car (we’re talking something of the likes from Christine or the Burbs.)
-Go on a Hayride.
-Eat a Carmel apple.
-Vampire Walk- This is a walk taken at night. Night time hikes are also encouraged for this one. Watch out for Ghoulies. . .walk with a friend. Stay illuminated.
-Have your tarot cards/palm/aura/astrology chart read.
-Make a Halloween/spooky playlist.
-Have a spooky meal/dessert night. Pinterest has lots of great macabre inspired recipes.
-Take in a burlesque show.
T-Town Tassels are having their Boo-Lesque show.
Not to mention, My Heathen sisters and I are having one as well!
If you’re feeling adventerous on a Thurday night, The Time Warp bar in Westlake is doing comedy/variety shows the whole month of October!
More shameless Plugs….
-Take in some Theater with a dark twist!
Huningting Playhouse is having two more weeks of their production “Death by Design.” and then immediately after “Addams Family” the musical.
-Get your goth on at the chamber.
– Eat a Were- Pizza.  (Check out Horse the Band’s rendition of Were-Pizza… If you dare!)
– FIRE! Hang out by one….spin some. Eat some. Just be careful and safe!!!
-Get your glow on! Glowsticks, LEDS, EL wire…..whatever you can find that glows! Ingenutiy Fest would be a great place for this! Make sure to stop and see The Wandering ii art car!
-Train Ride through The Cuyahoga National Valley Park. Make a day of it by hanging out in Peninsula, Akron, Or even better, Hale Farm.
– Cinema Wasteland
For all you horror buff hounds!
There you have it boys and ghouls. Plenty of ideas to keep your October….. Rocking. Have lots of fun! Take lots of pics!