Waiting Game



It’s all I seem to have.  Or does it have me?

The thing about having cancer is time.  It robs you of it.

Everything is a wait game.  Wait to see if the chemo is working.  Wait for the nausea to stop.  Wait for the headaches to go away.  Wait for the results of such and such scan.  Wait to see what the Dr’s say.  Wait for the chemo to clear your body.  Wait for the next phase of treatment.  Wait for the cancer to be gone.  Wait wait wait wait.

Meanwhile, I feel life is passing me by.

It’s as if I am stuck in a holding cell with windows where I can peer out into the world but can’t really be a part of.

So many events happening that I would like to be a part of.  So many activities that I would like to join in on.  So many places I would love to go to.

Yet I can’t.  Or at times, should’t.  I’m to fatigued or  my white blood cell count is so low I become neutropenic, and large crowds are to be avoided.

I try not  to be bitter about my circumstances.  I am extremely blessed to have the support system I have and I seem to be kicking this in it’s stupid fuck face, but at times I find myself extremely frustrated that I can’t do more.

So I wait.



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