Waiting for the Gas to Evaporate

My interest in hooping has completely fallen to the wayside.  I no longer feel that connection I once had while in the hoop.

I think going through cancer had a big part to play.

Actually I know that it has.

It’s just not the same.  It’s more work.  My hoops don’t feel right.  I can’t get the flow down without feeling clunky, and not to mention, I can’t keep up with all the moves that are going on in the hooping world.  It leaves me feeling quite defeated.

Of course I know that with anything practice practice practice, but after going through one of the most intense period of my life, where all i did was muster all the strength I had to fight off cancer… I just don’t have it in me to “work”  and to work hard at something.

There is still a small part of me that isn’t ready to let go of hooping completely.  There are times where I will urge myself to just get in the hoop and to just keep running something over and over…however after 50 failed attempts I grow frustrated and slip back into the same old redundant moves, which then makes the whole process feel boring.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get back into hooping with the fervor I once had.  Something inside tells me I will.  But now is just not the time.  For now, I’ll practice the few hooping routines I once had down pat, but I think that’s the extent of my hooping for awhile.

At least for now.