8X10 series

I just finished up another show this past weekend.  It was a series of short plays for a Playwriting contest, where 8, 10 minute plays were selected to be performed and then voted on.

I was originally asked to come in and read for only one of these plays by a friend who was directing a particular piece (and had me in mind for the part)  Since this was going down at a Theater that I absolutely love working in, It was a no brainer for me.  Yeah I’d come in and read.

It was probably one of the most nerve wracking auditions for me EVER.  Instead of the usual one or two directors asking people to come up front for cold readings, there were 8 director (one for each show) sitting at a table in the front, and all the actors there to audition in the back of the room.  So not only did I feel I had to impress 1 director (my friend) but 7 others as well.  (and show to a room full of perfect strangers that I so was not that “girl” who gives shitty readings and should just stop trying to act.) Actors can be very judgmental. . . sizing each other up from the way we deliver a reading, to why the hell a lady is still wearing a scrunchie in her hair.

(scrunchie to me says trying to hard, and that you were always that drama club reject or “crew” in school.   Just an FYI.  Leave the scrunchie at home.)

I have never been in a room filled with so much talent.  I sat waiting for the readings for my friend’s show to come around, and prayed he would take pity on me and just give me the part based on the knowledge of my work from the past show we were in together.  When it came to my time to read, I must have done good, because not only was my friend pleased, but the woman heading the whole thing seemed pleased as well.

I was done.  I pulled it off.  I knew I had that part.  And that was fine by me.  I wasn’t there to really nab any more parts.  However, somehow, a script for another show ended up in my hands and I was asked to read for a second show.

I nailed it.  So much so, that he didn’t have anyone else read the part.

So go me!

The first show was about a man and woman on an airplane, discussing the work and passion that is necessary in order for relationships to survive.  You learn that the man is divorced, yet still wearing a wedding band out of fear of looking pathetic and sleazy when hitting on women.  The woman on the other hand, you’re not so sure of.  She is wearing a ring, but gives no indication as to whether she is married, engaged, etc.  After their conversation both of them slip their rings off and that’s the end of the show.  It sort of leaves the viewer to make their own assumption . . . is she cheating?  Is she too wearing her ring out of fear of looking pathetic and sleazy?

Because of the dialogue and the message behind the conversation between the two, I felt very connected with what was being said.  Probably because of my own personal relationship that I am going through at the moment, but as the male character said in show, once hard work comes into play (in a relationship) you might as well kiss the passion goodbye.  (Because most people don’t want to keep working at it.)

The second show I was in was about two pregnant women, waiting in the doctor’s office and exchanging two totally different views about motherhood and how they plan to raise their babies.  My character was very white trashy, while the other woman was more sophisticated/hippy like.

So it was fun to go from a semi serious show, to something goofy and silly.


Neither of the shows I was in won, but, I kept hearing remarks that people didn’t realize I had played two different roles until I came out for curtain call to take my bows.

So I am guessing I did pretty good.

The series only ran one weekend, so it didn’t eat up as much of time as a normal show would. So that was another reason I agreed to do it.

Side note: This theater has one of the most extensive and incredibly fun costumes on hand I have ever come across. During down time, I kept myself amused with trying on various wigs and hats.

What’s not to love about wigs and hats?


(My 60 yr old hip old lady do… that i will seriously sport when I am 60.)


(What’s up Jolie?  I think i look good with dark hair.  Other people don’t agree.)


(how fucking fantastic is this???)