Hooping in the Show. . . Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night is the show.

At the moment I am ok.  Just trying to prepare myself what could go wrong, such as spacing. . . I always forget my spacing, bump against a wall, and well, that’s it.

I came up with about 80% of my routine.  It’s simple, but not overtly simple, and I will make lots of cutesy flirty faces. (Think of Toddlers and Tiaras flirty faces. . .on second thought don’t.)

The only real issue I have left is costuming.

I decided to wear what I wore for my Joan Jett debacle,  however, I was going to add this little pleather crop top to wear under the corset top.  It ties in the front, and I thought that It would eat up time, and I could pull the string open with my teeth, pull one side open to offer a peak and then shut it only to open the other side for a peak. . .


The corset though, because of how it hooks up in the front seems to be taking up more time than I care to get undone.  So I might just toss it and stick with just the crop top.  But not sure how it will work.  I’d have to improvise for about 30 seconds or so. .. which may not seem like a whole lot of time, but when you have no idea what to do, it can feel like forever.

I’ve been trying to practices the unclothing process, but the only real space I have to do so, is at work.  Now that the company has been bought out, and they are only letting 3 of us stay here, I have plenty of empty offices in which to hoop in, however, I am not gonna just strip layers of clothing off while I am on business hours.  (or on my lunch)

Sooo. . . I’m not sure how I want it to play it.

I am also having trouble with the gloves, seeing as I have no idea what happened to my elbow fish net ones, and have been using these fingerless lace ones.  I mean, they are ok, just not so seductive to take off.

But I did jazz up a cheap bra I found with some glitter, and I have this pink feathery boa trim I was thinking about adding to the brazier.

That and I am also toying with the idea of wearing these pink and black polka dot ruffley boy shorts I got a while back that show off more booty than I care to show in a public forum.


That last part is really testing my lack of inhibition when it comes to my ass.  I think if I tape the wares to my butt securely so that not a whole lot of cheek comes out then it’s a good possibility.  If not than it’s back to my black spanks.

I did a test run with hair and make up and feel confident about that.  I feel confident about the routine up until I have to take the clothing off.

So yeah.

Wish me luck!

I Don’t Want No Man!

I know I said that I had “found” my song, but I came across this little diddy the other day while listening to Blues Women radio on AOL.  (Which I highly recommend.  Who knew there was some really good kick ass shit on here?  Talk about Women not taking no shit yet loving you with all they got music.)

I think this song is much more appropriate for what I am going for.  It’s sung by a chick, and it’s empowering chicks. (Cause she don’t want no man, telling her what to do.  Mmmhmmm!  That’s right!)

I know I wanted to try something a little more “sexier” but who the hell am I kidding?  I don’t see myself as a total sex vixen.  Sex kitten maybe.  😛

I’ve been practicing some key moves I’d like to incorporate here and there (thanks to Lil Chupa for that awesome tutorial, and of course Caroleena.)

As far as costuming, I have NO IDEA what to go for with this one.

So I plan on rifling through all my skivvies and under things tonight and see what I can come up with.

So I am feeling pretty good.  Just waiting for it all the gel together.  Well maybe not so much waiting. . .but for the organic flow of everything falling into its place.

Getting It off My Chest.

I’m not a happy theater camper these days.  The show I am doing is really starting to annoy the crap out of me, all due to the incredible amount of time suckage it has become and other little annoyances.  I know I bitched about this in my last post, but goddamn.  I need to get more off my chest.

Speaking of chest, let’s just jump right into that.

Rant #1

For whatever reason, the producer/costumer of the show thought it would be best if they make me wear a super sized padded bra under my costume, to play upon the “pair” that my character, which just so happens to be an Au pair, should, what they think, have.

She seems to find this hilarious.  I’m an Au Pair, and I have a pair, Oh my! What a pair!  Get it??  Pair of big fake boobs, playing upon the word Pair in Au Pair? (Anyone else getting this?? ) meanwhile, I feel like a Dolly Parton drag queen.  (With out the big hair and make-up.)


I think she partially did this because the dress she pulled for me, made me look frumpy, and instead of just finding something that fits and accentuates my already there curves, shoving padding in my bosoms seemed like the natural thing to do.  I mean, who has time to look for a fitted dress, when you can waste lots of time sewing big fake boobs into one?



I sort of expressed my dismay to both her and the director stating that I thought it looked unbelievably silly and unrealistic; however, the director thought it was a good costume choice and assured me that it did look good.  I have my own questions concerning him. . . He is a seemingly quiet little man with small feet and a foo foo lap dog.  And not gay.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that if he were)  The fact that he was gung ho about the fake boobage makes me wonder if he is 100% testosterone, and like any typical male response to big boosies, giving the thumbs up or if he is just trying to appear 100% testosterone.  (again, small feet and foo foo dog. . .makes me wonder.)

(Side note:  He does have a girlfriend. )

Since I don’t want to be the Diva of the cast, I simply sucked it up and said ok, and grumpily sulked back to the bathroom, where I scoffed once more at my ridiculous reflection.

I don’t know why I am so offended by this costume choice.  It’s not like I am very busty to begin with, but you know, my girls are pretty nice.  I’ve never had any complaints.  I can bust out of a top with no padding.  If it’s one thing I like about my body, it’s them.

Maybe that is why I am taking such offense to my over accentuation.  I know, I should just get over it, do my part and shut up about it. . . but really.  I feel like an asshole.  My inner feminist is probably being over sensitive to the mocking and over exaggeration of my breasts.  ( I could go on a Fem rant here, but I’ll save it.)


(ehh, maybe it doesn’t look so bad from the front.)

Rant #2:

Again, this whole eating up of my time.  Yesterday was to be double rehearsal with a dry tech run starting at 1 p.m. and then a run through of the show afterwards in full make up and costume.

For those of you not familiar with dry tech, it’s where you go over the lighting and sound cues with the lighting and sound crew.  It’s not necessarily running the whole entire show, but more so a cue to cue, meaning you start a few lines before the lighting/sound cue comes in, let them mark where and what needs to be done, and then move on to the next sound/lighting cue.  Let me just point out, there are not a lot of lighting and sound cues in this show.

Given past experience with shows and how I have been privy to how double rehearsals usually go, I figured we should have be done and out of there no later than 7 o clock in the pm.

So imagine my total surprise and dismay when at 3:30, after we had finished the cue to cue and cleaned up some of the blocking, when the director announced that the next run though with costumes would start at 7pm.  That night.


So not only have I had to give up 3 hours of my time a day(6 if you count the driving) for the past month, now I had to sit there for what. . .another 9 hours?  On a Sunday???  That’s some bullshit.

It would be different if I was getting paid for it, but I’m not.  So fuck you.

I wish I could pin point exactly why all these things are really grating on me.  Once again, I have been apart of shows with grueling rehearsal schedules and have had to wear uncomfortable ridiculous costumes in the past. I’m with a theater I have always had interest in working with and I seem to be doing alright with my part.

Why am I so curmudgeonly about this?

Am I becoming set in my ways and getting to a point where I don’t like my “routine” and what I am used to being messed with?  I will admit I  have gotten in the habit where I do like to be in bed by 11 now.  When this crept on me, I have no fucking idea.  This whole being responsible grown up, worried about getting enough proper rest to make it through the next day. . . Total bullshit.

Or Is  my Taurean nature to always be comfortable running a muck?

I have no idea.  I just don’t feel like traipsing about with stuffed boobs.