Music Snob

So now that I am all done with that song challenge, I guess I’ll actually have to yap about something “real”.  I say that facetiously of course.


Staying with the theme of music however, I am always on a quest for good hooping tunes.


It’s not unlikely to see me Shazaming shit during workshops and local jams. . It’s become such an obsession at times, but music is what moves me.  Literally.  Ha.  Eh.


Usually every year I try to come up with at least one hooping mix, of songs I am digging, that put me in a hoop dancey mood.


I think I did. . .did i?  Make one for last year??  I can’t remember.

No.  I did not.  2011 was the last one.

 Hoopmix 2011 (such an original title right?)

What Else is there?- Royksopp

Kiara- Bonobo

You’ve Got Maelstrom- Blockhead

Mr G- Deadmau5

Dare- Gorillaz

Sweat Meat- (a catchy diddy from an old friend of mine.  Cracks my ass up.)

Makes me Wanna Die Remix) Tricky

Take It Easy- Mad Lion

You Don’t Love Me (No No No)- Dawn Penn

Hippy Chick- Soho

You and I (Deadmau5 remix)- Medina

The Latern- Beats Antique

Catfish- Spoonbill

Triptango- Tripssono

We Speak No Americano- Yolanda Be Cool



Anyways, I am sort of in a music slump as far as what I want to hoop to.


I’ve been scouting new jams to groove too, and am really coming up short. 


I do admit I am a music snob.  In my head. . .I have “taste” and everyone else, needs their shit spoon fed to them.


I know how incredibly arrogant that sounds. 


Yet I am not one of those people that hem and haw or put down other people’s taste, imposing my opinion about how much of what they like sucks. . .  I will even stay quiet when they impose their shitty music on me (except if it’s Nickleback, Dave Matthews or Linkin Park….You can go fuck yourself on those.)


I mean Christ!  I drove 4 hours to Michigan with my gal pals, gritting my teeth to the sounds of Pink.


(For the record, I would never make my friends listen to 4 hours of crap I know they can’t stand.. . .say Opeth or Fantomas.. . .well Fantomas maybe, if I am super annoyed with you. . .but for the most part, I am considerate in that regards. 😛 )


Anyways, what?  Oh yes. . .


So I joined this hoopers playlist thing. . .and I gotta say, I am majorly disappointed with the submissions.  I mean, There is more out there than just Pretty Lights and Beats Antique.  (Oh and Booka Shada)  Not that I don’t enjoy those. . .but you know. . let’s mix this shit up.


Where are the good beats? 


I can’t get down with the whiney mopey women singing when I am hooping either.  Sorry Adelle. . . just.. shut the fuck up and get away from me.  Christ.

And Skrillex, or whatever, thank you for killing dub step.  Not that it had much of a shelf life anyways, but you really fucking mashed it into one big commercial annoying crap turd.


I am sure some of you are reading this and thinking “This girl is an asshole! “

And you’re right.  I can be. 

But you know, I like what I like. . and you can like what you like. . and we can all have opinions about it. 

Cause this is M’erica damn it!


Anyways, Here is what I have so far for this year.  Rip apart, or praise it’s genius at your own discretion.


I won’t take offense to either.  😛


Panty Slingshot- Opiuo, Jay Wikid

Sofi Needs a Ladder- Deadmau5

Jolie Coquine- Caravan Palace

Potions “Deliverance Mix”- Puscifer

Not Feelin’ The Love- R Kelly

Got Till It’s Gone- Janet Jackson

Big Booty Bitches (Dirtyloud Mix) Bombs Away

Sex Bomb – Adam Freeland Dub Mix- Spinnerette

Magic Spells- Crystal Castles

Cirrus- Bonobo

When the Dust Settles- STS9

Postales- Federico Aubele

Get Together- Ryan Anthony

Discovered- Beats Antique

No Solution- Jel

Sex Lies Audiotape-Redux Mix- Deadmau5








Wine, Women and Hoops.

I had a most incredible weekend.  As I stated before, this past weekend, I had traveled to Jackson, MI with a bunch of girlfriends to celebrate a birthday with wine tastings and female debauchery.

I really wanted to sit down and write up a good weekend, but the words that are coming out just don’t do my experience any justice.

As with the case with my circle of women friends, the level of awesomeness was just unbelievable.  I am often astounded by how truly blessed I am to have such a circle of truly open, honest, supportive and caring women.  It is nice to just be able to “be” with out the cattiness or back stabbing that normally goes about with the female species.

I had rode out with 2 of my closest gal pals, and for 3 hours it was just good raunchy talk.  Maybe because I myself am incredibly sexually frustrated these days, but it was fun to be able to giggle and just be, well, kind of perverted and crass.  😛

(In fact, it was pretty much the whole weekend we were like that.)

I can honestly say that once I got into the car to head out, it was non stop laughter.

The protocol for the day was to visit 5 wineries, all while wearing feathery devil horns to announce that mischief had arrived. Everywhere we went, people commented on how we seemed to be a fun group of gals and wanted to come hang out with us.  (Not to toot our horns, but yeah, they were right.  :P)  We would also hoop for a bit at each winery.

Though the weather was chilly and gray, we hooped out little hearts out to keep ourselves warm.  Ok, more of us did than others.  I being one of the ones who would take refuge in the van after a half hour of feeling like my hands were gonna fall off.


We did tastings at about 4 wineries, two of which had the most delicious salsa I have ever tasted in my life.  I am not a salsa gal, so for me to be like “I wanna stick my dick in this!  If I had one!” has got to tell you that it was some pretty good salsa.

And the wine. . . So many wines.  I am more of a sweet wine gal, but it was fun to sample all the varieties of wine. . .even if I thought most of them smelled like BO and tasted like I had just licked dirt.

I ate an incredible turkey Panini with cranberry sauce and brie cheese.  Holy shit, was that thing fucking amazing.  I might have to re-create for home.

We ended Saturday night at a winery that was having their “Winetoberfest” where a local band was playing.  We hooped and danced the night away and ended the night by visiting the porn store across the street.

(Even though there was a porn store across the street, this winery was still pretty classy.)

I also acquired a new hoop, I have named Ruby.

She is a polypro wrapped in snazzy glitter red tape and is about 36″.

She is suppose to be a “chakra” hoop, and since I have been working on my root, I decided to go with the red.  She is amazing and handles quite well.  I love the feel of her.


(That Ruby is a Lush!  Hitting the sparks at 10 in the morning!)

I can’t tell you how re-charged I feel after this past weekend.  I really don’t have many words to describe it other than gratitude gratitude gratitude.  That is totally how I am feeling.