Live Life!

I don’t come here much anymore.

More so than in the past I am finding it very hard to find the words to express what it is I feel and think in a way that does not make me sound like a neanderthal.  “Me good.  Me happy.  Me eat pizza” …Though I am not sure if neanderthal’s actually had the capability of such language…or pizza for that matter.  Well, I definitely know they didn’t have pizza, but I digress.

My thoughts get lost along the way to the tips of my fingers that long to type them out and breathe them into some sort of physical existence.

Life is good.  Really good.

I am in remission.  Finally.

Well, let me go back.   I’ve been in remission since after my first round of Hyper CVAD, however, as of this past June, I am officially OFFICIALLY….In remission.  Meaning no more chemo in whatever form.  No maintenance, no nothing.

My last bone marrow biopsy came back clean.  My Oncology team was super happy.  I’ve done extremely well.  I only have to come see them now every three months.

I have spent this past summer really trying to “live life”.   This has been my new mantra.  I like to yell it and throw my hands up in the air like I’m on a roller coaster.  Very metaphorical.

I’ve gone on trips, attended events, spent time with loved ones and appreciated every…single…moment.

Because folks, it’s all about the NOW.  and GRATITUDE.

I jumped into Burlesque with a fire and determination to, well, not suck at it.  I’ve had quite a few ladies in my town really light the fire under my ass too really be creative, to really let go, and to really just own it.  I don’t want to be another faceless burlesquer in this city, (though I have a feeling that I still probably am.)  However, I know that when I leave the stage after performing, I have put on one hell of a number and the audience has really enjoyed it.  They may not remember my name per se, but they will remember that girl who threw out the tootsie rolls or had the giant googly eyes on her ass.


I’m letting go of hooping.  Meaning, that I don’t feel it has a purpose in my life anymore. I have such conflicting feelings about this, but at this time, the feeling of disappointment, frustration and exhaustion that I feel inside the hoop outweighs the feels of freedom, connection and spirituality.  (I mean, I had felt enough of that going through cancer.) I just feel like I can’t keep up with all that is happening in the hooping community.  My body feels like it will never be able to re-learn what it once knew yet alone learn all these flippity doo’s, escalators, and off body spastic spinny spins. It’s such a shift in mindset, because I never hooped to “impress”, yet it seems like there is such pressure for there to be.   It’s a new generation of Look at Me!

Where’s the flow?

Ehhh, whatever.  Maybe I’m just old.  Get off my lawn!

I’m sure at some point I’ll probably pick it up again.   Cause that’s what I do.  I hardly ever just quit something.  Entirely.

So that’s basically it.  For now.

Doing my thing.

Living life.




Nose to the Glue Gun

I taped my Burlesque pasties back on this past September.

I wouldn’t say I am in full on Foxy mode, as I have yet to incorporate the hoop back into new numbers, or perform older numbers.

Hooping is still quite cumbersome and trying.

The effort to actually….jump…even a few inches.. is akin to the feeling of twenty pound weights tied around ones ankles.

It doesn’t help my on going problem of balance and stability.

So sans hoop I have been going.

I will say though that my costuming has improved quite a bit.  Not to say that I had shitty costumes before, but the effort for me…on some things were a few ruffles sewn in here and there.

One of the biggest appeals of burlesque for me was all the glitter, sparkley, fluffy, shiny fun things one could wear.   (You basically can wear anything.  That old potato sack?  Couch cover?  Dining room curtains? Pot holders?  Just throw some glitter on it.  Good to go.)

I have become best friends with my glue gun.  (And pretty much burned the fingerprints off my fingers.)

For my Troupe’s Vegas show I put together two showgirl looks…..



Ok it’s hard to tell really and I didn’t get a good picture of me looking Vegasy…but you get the idea.  Definitely more bling going on.




I did a real cute number where I was trying to get this man to notice me while we were waiting for our bus to Vegas.  Coyly flirting at first, then as my subtle advances fell on uninterested eyes, I would punch it up a notch with more lascivious moves and then burying the mans face in my bosoms.  (The man kindly played by my fiance…as I don’t think he would have approved of me motor boating some other dude….and not that I would want to motorboat some other dude.)  I would post the video, but it was during this performance I had my very first pastie pop.   Took me a whole good five seconds to realize it as well.  So, there you go world.  You got some nipple from me.  Ehh whatever. I wasn’t that bent about it.

Our Halloween show, I took a more..bizarre road?

I definitely wanted to up the creep factor.  So this is what I came up with.




I’m not really sure how this one went over with the crowd.  Personally, I thought it was creepy.  I busted out my poi, which is something I hadn’t done in a loooooooong while.  And let me just say, spinning poi in a poofy crinoline skirt is not easy.

Overall I am pretty proud of this one.  I feel it’s pretty unique, to my local scene anyway.

You can see the video to that here: Foxy Moon Halloween

No pastie pop there, though I do have a moment to make sure everything is intact. 🙂


The last show I did for the year was a Heavy Metal Food drive for our local food bank.   Our troupe did a improve-ish group number.  I dressed as an elf and made the whole group reindeer pasties, because honestly….how could I not??  They were so F’n cute and fun.



Move over Rudolph.


There you have it.  Or there I have it.  My getting back into the waters of burlesque.  I’ve got some down time till next April, and I’ve got some more silly ideas.  I would like to get back to hooping.  I know that I could.  It just takes time and discipline.  Yet the whole ordeal with cancer has made me very flippant towards anything that requires “hard” work.  I mean, I just worked hard on beating a fucker of a disease and pretty much, oh you know, not dying.  I’m not really ready, nor want to do battle with learning how to hoop all over again.  But I know I will, because I can feel it calling to me.  I may never be the best hooper in the world.  Shit, I may not ever be a decent hooper again, but something inside me loves it to much to just walk away and be done with it for good.

I just don’t want to deal with that struggle right now.


Foxy Moon Page

In the name of shameless self promotion (something in which I definitely don’t partake much in…I don’t want to seem pushy… Or like I’m an ego maniac.) I thought I would just put it out there for anyone who might stumble across this old blog of mine…. To take a gander at my Foxy Moon page over on the book of face. 

Why…. You can even like it if you so desire. 

It is there where one can find upcoming shows, pictures from shows, pastie inspirations and creations, and other little witty gems that tickle my fancy. 

So pop on over if you feel so inclined. 

Thanks a bunch.

Foxy Moon



The Liquid show came and went and I have to say that this time, It was probably the best I have performed…..ever.

There were some snags, but I kept on.

The floor was super slippery.  The spot light was blinding me.  I missed a few minor points in the 1st number, but nailed the moves that coincided with the music. 

My numbers were very well received by the audience. 
I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I received a lot of nice compliments.

I was hoping to include some video for this post, but all the videos are on FB and I can’t figure out a way to share them elsewhere.  Oh well.

The 1st number was very flapperish, and very choreographed.  I timed in a chest roll right when there was a brief break in the music which looked real nice, and my costume was cute to boot.

The 2nd number was me double hooping, then hooping and spinning poi, then stripping down to the brightest LED pasties one could concoct while hooping and spinning poi.  It was incredibly fun, and the one number I just sort of “went” with…..meaning I had parts mapped out, but left a lot of room for things to happen.  Should they happen.  (Like dropping the second hoop, or smacking my face with a poi).  Everytime I would rehearse this number, something always would happen.  Performance time though, things went off with out a hitch.

So yeah!

I have another show coming up on the 26th, where I will only have to do one number and then in May it’s off to Toledo and Detroit.

Pretty exciting.

I did notice there are some things I need to work on, such as better posture (god my posture is horrid) and I noticed I reverted to tyrannosaurus rex arms  during certain points.  So things to keep in mind, but all in all I’m quite proud of what I pulled off. 

So yeah! 

The Return of Foxy

Ok, so she couldn’t stay away.

And because I like to prove to myself time and time again, that i can indeed kick ass, I have agreed to do next month’s summer burlesque show.

This time I will NOT procrastinate.  I will be PROACTIVE!

I need to come up with 2 numbers, so there is no time to dilly dally.

Brainstorm commences NOW!



Burlesque Bust.



Sooooooo the Burlesque show. . .


What can I say about it other than once again, I was not as prepared as I would have liked to of been.


However, that being said, I did come up with a fairly simple routine the night before, that was cute, flirty and silly to boot.


Too bad that it all went out the window the moment I lost control of the hoop.

I had thrown in what I guess i will call an elbow toss?  Where you sort of roll the hoop under your elbow and catch it back in the front. . .and then from there I was to do this isolations while walking forward. . . but I never made it to the isolations, because when I did the elbow toss my hoop went rolling into the front row.

This in turn made me panic and totally blank on what the fuck I was suppose to do next. 

So in place of where the isolations were to be, I just swung the hoop around praying for any memory  as to what  to do next to return.

I managed to get it together for a bit, did some shoulder hooping while kneeling, hooped around my foot for a few seconds, but when it came to pulling my skirt over my head, I of course, dropped the hoop.  Which seems to be pretty typical for me and removing my bottoms.

During the last bit of  the song I had planned on double hooping, one around my knees, and the other one I was going to do some vortexing and then swinging it over my head.  ( I don’t know what the move is called.)

However, because my hoops were of different sizes ( and try as I could to find two of the same size relatively) the momentum was all thrown off.  Especially to my jittered nerves for fucking up pretty much what I felt, the whole entire song.  I couldn’t keep the hoop going around my legs and it would fall.  . . and well, I just felt like a jack ass.

It wouldn’t have been such an issue if there hadn’t been another hooper there that night performing with her fancy schmancy hoop.  In my opinion, you got a fanchy schmancy hoop, and you can dazzle anyone.

Not that she was horrible, she was pretty good.

Which made me feel like an even bigger boob.

 (I mean, my boobs were bigger than hers, but that’s besides the point.)

Anywho, I wasn’t going to post the video, but after several remarks from friends telling me to shut up and it’s not as bad as I thought it was, I decided why the hell not..  It’s dark anyways, so you really can’t see all that much going on. 

I think Foxy Moon is going into retirement for while.  At least until she can get her shit together.