Paranormal Kidney Flow.

I went and saw my origional Urologist today.  My cytology report came back negative, so there are no indications of any atypical cells.  Yay!  So cancer is defintely ruled out.

He still is not sure what it was that he saw up there and feels that it might be best to wait a bit and do another probe maybe 6-12 weeks down the line to see if whatever it was that he saw, has gone away, or perhaps gotten bigger, grown some hair, put on a new shirt. . whatever.

My second opinion  Dr also called today saying that he wants to do his own CT urogram and go up and probe my kidney himself.

So what to do?

I definitely feel that I want another probe done.  And like soon.  I NEED to know if there is something up there or not.  If the 1st Uro said he saw something, even though all these tests come back negative, maybe it would be good to have someone else go and have a look to confirm. 

I just had a thought……what if my Kidney is really paranormal, and is just being haunted by the ghost of a tumor?  That’d be weird.  Is there a show for that?  Paranormal Body Parts! on the Discovery channel or some shit?  If not I think I am on to something.  Let me write up a treatment for this.  (That’s Hollywood talk for a short synopsis of a show/movie.  I’m down with the lingo.)

Maybe I should get a medium who can talk with the spirit of the tumor and tell it that it needs to go towards the light, where all it’s tumor friends and family are waiting for it. 

I should probably smudge myself just in case.

What was I talking about??

Oh yeah, so I am now waiting for second opinion guy’s office to call and make me an appt to go and see him.

Soooooo I think that is the route I will go.  Another probe.  And smudging.  Cause you can never be too cautious.

On another note, I debated a bit about going to jam tonight or not.  With the whole being unemployed thing, I decided best to conserve my gas and stay home.  So that is what i did.  And I made this video of me warming back up to the hoop.  With the whole kidney debacle, I don’t think I picked my hoop up for more than 5 mins.  Sure sure this video is only what?  Three and some change?  But I promise you I was hooping for about an hour tonight. 

So it’s a start.  Oh and I ordered new poi and crystal cases for my flowlights.  Cause you know, I get impulsive.  Annnnnd I reasoned that since I saved money on gas tonight, I could put it towards new poi. . . which really doesn’t make for much logic.  Cause at some point I will need the money I spent on poi for gas.  And cars really don’t run on LED’s.   Though they should.

A Tale of One Kidney Prt 1

My kidney is a mess.


The probe took longer than expected on Friday, because my Urologist was not expecting to find what he found.


A dumb tumor.


It has been a master of disguise, this tumor, strategically hiding out in the fold of my kidney, living quite happily, evading the detection from all the scans of modern technology to determine its existence.  It is a cunning little tumor. 


I should point out that this is something that is very uncommon for someone in my age bracket, (and gender) which would explain the baffled looks I would get in the waiting room from the old men waiting to have their prostates checked out.


(Just for the record, I do not have a prostate.  I don’t know why I feel the need to clarify this, but there it is.)



Due to the shock of this discovery, my Urologist ran over the allotted time for the procedure, so when he came out to explain to my mother his findings, it was rather rushed, as he had to get to his next surgery (which was an hour and a half behind.)


Apparently, when he first went in, he saw something which he just assumed was a pool of collected blood.  He tried to flush it away, and it didn’t move.  That was when he realized he was dealing with a mass of angry cells that should not be there.  He took a biopsy and sent it off to the lab to see what’s up with this tumor.


At this time, I am still waiting for the results, however, I’ve got an inside at the hospital who is on the look out for my results and will notify me as soon as they become available.


(I should point out, that again, due to my age, it’s very unlikely it’s cancer.  Then again, it was unlikely that I would have a tumor in my kidney.)


So anything goes.


He wants to remove my entire left kidney, along with the uterur, thus dashing any dreams I had of cage fighting, performing gymnastics or becoming a stunt rider.  (all of which was pointed by a friend that I couldn’t do in the 1st place, but I swear, it was on my list of things to do. Ok maybe not.)


I will also need to watch myself around baseball bats and piñatas

A cache of smarties and sweet tarts is not worth having my other kidney whacked by a four yr old with a stick.


I should probably also not stand around the back sides of horses or donkey’s or any other large animal that likes to kick.  Not that I normally do, but you never know.




I’m probably getting a head of myself at the moment.  I’m just trying to be proactive in protecting my right kidney.  I’ll probably end up like one of those overbearing protective mom’s who won’t let anyone hold their kidney, because only I know the right way to hold my kidney, and everyone else is wrong in their kidney rearing ways.  Of course replace kidney with baby, and it totally makes sense.

Just don’t touch my right kidney.  Anyone.


Anyways, I go back to see the Urologist on the 2nd of August to discuss everything in detail and will be making the appointment for the removal of the left kidney. 


I’m thinking a party might be in order. . . a sort of send off for my left kidney.


All and all, It will be ok.