Wine, Women and Hoops.

I had a most incredible weekend.  As I stated before, this past weekend, I had traveled to Jackson, MI with a bunch of girlfriends to celebrate a birthday with wine tastings and female debauchery.

I really wanted to sit down and write up a good weekend, but the words that are coming out just don’t do my experience any justice.

As with the case with my circle of women friends, the level of awesomeness was just unbelievable.  I am often astounded by how truly blessed I am to have such a circle of truly open, honest, supportive and caring women.  It is nice to just be able to “be” with out the cattiness or back stabbing that normally goes about with the female species.

I had rode out with 2 of my closest gal pals, and for 3 hours it was just good raunchy talk.  Maybe because I myself am incredibly sexually frustrated these days, but it was fun to be able to giggle and just be, well, kind of perverted and crass.  😛

(In fact, it was pretty much the whole weekend we were like that.)

I can honestly say that once I got into the car to head out, it was non stop laughter.

The protocol for the day was to visit 5 wineries, all while wearing feathery devil horns to announce that mischief had arrived. Everywhere we went, people commented on how we seemed to be a fun group of gals and wanted to come hang out with us.  (Not to toot our horns, but yeah, they were right.  :P)  We would also hoop for a bit at each winery.

Though the weather was chilly and gray, we hooped out little hearts out to keep ourselves warm.  Ok, more of us did than others.  I being one of the ones who would take refuge in the van after a half hour of feeling like my hands were gonna fall off.


We did tastings at about 4 wineries, two of which had the most delicious salsa I have ever tasted in my life.  I am not a salsa gal, so for me to be like “I wanna stick my dick in this!  If I had one!” has got to tell you that it was some pretty good salsa.

And the wine. . . So many wines.  I am more of a sweet wine gal, but it was fun to sample all the varieties of wine. . .even if I thought most of them smelled like BO and tasted like I had just licked dirt.

I ate an incredible turkey Panini with cranberry sauce and brie cheese.  Holy shit, was that thing fucking amazing.  I might have to re-create for home.

We ended Saturday night at a winery that was having their “Winetoberfest” where a local band was playing.  We hooped and danced the night away and ended the night by visiting the porn store across the street.

(Even though there was a porn store across the street, this winery was still pretty classy.)

I also acquired a new hoop, I have named Ruby.

She is a polypro wrapped in snazzy glitter red tape and is about 36″.

She is suppose to be a “chakra” hoop, and since I have been working on my root, I decided to go with the red.  She is amazing and handles quite well.  I love the feel of her.


(That Ruby is a Lush!  Hitting the sparks at 10 in the morning!)

I can’t tell you how re-charged I feel after this past weekend.  I really don’t have many words to describe it other than gratitude gratitude gratitude.  That is totally how I am feeling.


Predictable Procrastination

So the Burlesque show is next week, and have I done anything as far as coming up with some sort of routine?  Of course not.

For some reason, I have no sense of timing.  Meaning, I have no concept of time.  2 weeks could feel like months for me. 

That combined with my ever present procrastination, and I seem to find myself scrambling at the last minute to throw something together.


I used to be on top of shit.

I have an idea of what I would like to do in my number, however, timing and skill are not coming together.  That and I have no costume yet.  And part of the timing is seductively removing articles of clothing while maintaining good hooping.

I know i want to be campy, silly and raunchy.  But to make it work with the hoop is proving to be a bit. . .oh, I dunno. . .perplexing?  I only have so much time during a song to accomplish what I want to accomplish, and I don’t feel as though I am accomplishing much to keep people entertained.

I know at one point I will hoop around my foot and roll about the floor “tiger pawing” at people. I was also thinking of ending the number with some double hoop action (I’ve been practicing thigh hooping and then vortexing another hoop) or maybe to just hoop and poi and the same time.  (thigh hooping and windmills.)

Problem with the double hoop action is that I don’t have 2 hoops of the same size, so the rotation speeds are not in sync, and throws the rhythm off.

I have a lot of work these next couple of days.  Not to mention I still have yet to go on a quest for the perfect pair of big granny panties. :p