The Year of Rebirth: Alive and Kicking.

Once again, another year has come and gone and a new one is upon us.

Let me just say that I am sooooo glad to say goodbye to 2016.  It truly was a fucker of year, what with having cancer and everything that goes with it, loved ones struggling, Trump being elected.  I mean seriously, I don’t know what crawled up 2016’s ass and died but it pretty much had a vendetta for most of us.

Of course with turmoil, comes knowledge.  I know that a lot of people struggled with 2016 on various levels.  I would hope that out of those struggles, a deeper understanding of ourselves has been attained. With the passing of 2016 we can now move out from under the rubble of such a tumultuous year stronger, wiser, kinder and with more love in our hearts.

Each year I try to attach a theme to it.  Something to work on or overcome.  A reminder of some sorts to help me be the best me possible.  It was something I noticed someone I know doing way back when, and I thought it such a great idea.

I’ve had many themes over the years.  (you’ll stumble across them if you dig about in this here blog of mine.)

Sometimes I come out a champ.  Sometimes I don’t.   I reflect, take what I need to be a better me, and move on.

The last few years I began calling upon the wisdom of the Fairy Oracles to share their insight in the potential the year could bring, and what areas of myself I should pay close attention to and work on.

Last year they must have been incredibly drunk and on crack, because the card pulled for the theme of 2016 was…..Vacation.

If they thought taking a vacation from my day to day was going through chemo treatments, well I gotta say…I disagree.

In any case, 2016 became the year of survival.  Whether it was known or not.  Because that is exactly what I did.  I survived.   (and if you are reading this, you did as well.)

As 2017 made it’s appearance, I toyed once again with consulting the fairies about their thoughts on what the focus of the year could be, but before I could get my deck of Oracle cards out, a word began to reverberate with in.


After all the muck and mire of 2016, Some sort of re-birth is needed.  A Renascence if you will.

This is the time to come back alive.  To shed whatever crap 2016 burdened us with and begin anew.  Like the phoenix rising from the ashes.  The time is now.

If not now, then when?

And I am tired of waiting for “when”.

This is the year to do something you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid.  Fuck that fear.  Do it.  You owe it to yourself to get out there and tap into your authentic being.  Authenticity doesn’t come from being afraid, or putting something off till tomorrow, or the next week, or month.

And not only is it getting out there and living life to it’s fullest, it’s also living each and every moment with gratitude.  Even when the shitty stuff happens, because it is only then that we truly realize how strong we are.

So there you have it.  The year of rebirth.  The year of really digging deep and connecting with who we really are, and really living that truth to the very best of our ability.

And yeah, living it up while you can.


Out of curiosity, I consulted the fairy oracle to see if they too were in tune with the idea of renewal for the year, and what do you know…..They feel Vacation is still a good theme for this year as well.  Or maybe they are trying to tell me they are on vacation and to quit bugging them.

Those damn fairies.











Positive Expectations- 2015

I didn’t really talk to the fairies all that much last year.  I like to usually do a reading at the start of the year, and then another on my birthday. 

I never got around to them on my birthday.

The past year was filled with lots of motion…. And doing… And processing… And healing.  I had almost forgot what they had predicted, or affirmed 2014 to be…. And it was the year of feeling safe


2014 did hold up to this mantra.  I had started a new job after years of working crap ones and I reluctantly left a very toxic relationship that left me feeling lost, shattered and hopeless.

I had a lot of mending to do.  Rediscovering of myself.  I didn’t trust my footing at first…. But… The fairies proclaimed all was safe.

And they were right.

I enjoy my job.  I got out and met people. I embarked on adventures I never would have had I stayed in that relationship.   I focused on what it was I needed and wanted in life.  I learned how to find my center again. 
Each step, though at times they felt alien and completely out of my norm, lead me to a much better place.  Emotionally and spiritually. 

(And yes yes… All the bullshit before this year helped me to appreciate where I am now.)

So in retrospect, 2014 totally lived up to its theme.

This year I did a whole spread of what the fairies wanted me to know about 2015.

I gotta say that I am still digesting all the pieces and really reflecting on the message.  There seemed to a lot of blocked areas…. I’m not sure how it all correlates. Truthfully, I have been enjoying taking my time in mediating on the message. 
But I will get to all that in another post.

Originally when I meditated on my theme for this year I felt that I should embark on a path of complete wellness.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…. The whole she-bang.

It seems cliche, but what better time to get in shape…. On all levels?

Yet I asked the fairies their thoughts on the theme for 2015,  they gave me this.


Positive Expectations: “Keep up  your hopes, dreams, affirmations, visualizations, and prayers, as they will be wonderfully manifested right now. Do not quit five minutes before the miracle occurs!”

“You have planted the seeds of manifestation with your positive thoughts and emotions. Yet, you may be discouraged occasionally because you are not seeing immediate results. You start to have pessimistic thoughts and wonder whether your faith is unjustified. Hold on to your faith, though! Although your manifestation is taking longer than you had hoped, it is coming to you. You certainly do not want to cancel or cloud your manifestation with miscreations that come from negative thoughts.

At your earliest convenience, go outside in nature – even a backyard or small part will do. Mentally converse with your friends, the fairies. They are absolute experts at manifestation! Tell them about your doubts, fears, and disappointments, as well as your hopes and dreams. Ask the fairies to help you release any negativity you may have, and feel them surround you with healing love and light.


I am safe, confident, and secure.

I feel joyful about my future.”*

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

It’s kind of a daunting card for me in the way that I have a hard time discerning between hope and wishful thinking that keeps me in denial

(Case in point…. My last relationship.)

But I digress.

I have some hopes that some big changes will take place this year.  I feel like the direction I am facing is a good one. A healthy one. 
I’m excited and nervous to embark on this next path.

I hope that it will go smoothly.

I suppose no matter how it ends up, it will go the way it is intended to go.  That’s how life goes right? 

Chin up.  Look sharp.  No matter what the outcome.  It will be where I will need to be.


30 Day Song Challenge: She Fell Down Into This Dirty Mess.

Day 22 – A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life

I just love this song.  It resonates with me and I identify with it for reasons beyond my comprehension.  It is one of my theme songs.

Off Topic:

I know it’s hard to “understand” exactly what it is she is singing, yet that is the beauty of it.  The way that Liz manipulates the words to sound so foreign and strange. . . I actually urge anyone who reads this to look up the words.

Anyways, I love Liz’s voice.  It is absolutely beautiful and stunning.