Missing “Home”

It’s been a crazy stressful day at work today. It was just me and another girl answering the phone and dealing with all the idiots. Normally there are 3 of us handling the phones.
It wouldn’t be such a big deal if the customers (Interior Decorators) weren’t such bone heads and acted like fucking morons. I have to admit, stupidity is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. It frustrates me to no end and often leads for me, a long line of expletives at a some what loud volume. (with the mute button on of course)

However, one of the girls from our showrooms, who is a hooper from down south, sent me an email of one of the Hardware Company gals she knows, (and with whom we are distributors for) along with a picture of her hooping in the sunset and a little note hoping that the picture would help bring a smile to my face.

Well it did more than that. It made me cry.

Because as I stated in my last post, I haven’t hooped in god knows how long. And I miss it. And perhaps it’s the stress that is taking over at the moment and leading to this moment of over emotionality, but I miss my tribe and everything that goes along with my hoop.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about how much I miss the way things were 2 years ago. And while I have touched upon this in past posts, it still lingers and haunts me. I have never been one to easily let go. At least not from detaching myself fully.

It’s a depressing time here in Ohio. And I know I only have 4 more months of this, so why let it get to me now? . .because if this is the way I am to start of winter, when it’s really in the thick of it, how will I handle it then?

Right now I just need a margarita, some sunshine. . . my hoop and all my flow loves.



Nothing to Report.

I haven’t been doing any hooping. I mean not at all. It kinda makes me sad, and it also kinda makes me a bit panicky about how out of practice/shape I will be when I do pick it back

I got a part in a Play, so all my free time has been eaten up by that. Not only that, but it’s either been raining or too cold to hoop outside. And since I don’t get lunches at work anymore, there is hardly any reason to bring a hoop with me to work. (normally I would go and hoop back in the warehouse) It doesn’t seem worth it to hoop on my two ten minute breaks, but I guess at least something would be better than nothing right?

In other news, there is a big shift in the Collective. Seems that there is a good possibility that out flow group will head down the avenue of obtaining non profit or LLC status. And while there has been much bickering and much aggravation amongst individuals, an idea of putting on a mini flow-cital has been agreed upon. (mainly to calm the performance whores who want to see the group as a performance outlet. And I use the word whore nicely. 😛 )

So that’s all I really got. Sorry nothing too exciting. Then again, no one reads this shit. . .so what do I care?