Ugh Ugh and Ugh

So tomorrow is the show and I have NO idea of what to do as far as a routine.  Its like i have hooper’s block.  I feel bored with everything that I am doing.

Bored and Lost.

I keep trying to tell myself that just because I am bored, does not mean that it may not “wow” the audience. . . so put some pep in it damn it!

And of course the timing is all off.

I did though, find a very cute outfit to wear and a large pair of white panties, which I think looks hilarious.  My boyfriend on the other hand does not concur and stated that they were very un-sexy.

But that is the silliness of it.  I start out looking all vixen-y.  I want to give the impression that there is some good stuff underneath my corset top and fluffy skirt.  Then WHAM!  That sexy girl has got on the biggest drawers you’ve ever seen!  What is up with that??

I mean the fact that I am doing it to Joan Jett’s Do You Wanna Touch, kind of adds to the irony.  I mean, would you wanna touch a big ol’ pair of panties?

Mmmm. . .Maybe.  :p

Predictable Procrastination

So the Burlesque show is next week, and have I done anything as far as coming up with some sort of routine?  Of course not.

For some reason, I have no sense of timing.  Meaning, I have no concept of time.  2 weeks could feel like months for me. 

That combined with my ever present procrastination, and I seem to find myself scrambling at the last minute to throw something together.


I used to be on top of shit.

I have an idea of what I would like to do in my number, however, timing and skill are not coming together.  That and I have no costume yet.  And part of the timing is seductively removing articles of clothing while maintaining good hooping.

I know i want to be campy, silly and raunchy.  But to make it work with the hoop is proving to be a bit. . .oh, I dunno. . .perplexing?  I only have so much time during a song to accomplish what I want to accomplish, and I don’t feel as though I am accomplishing much to keep people entertained.

I know at one point I will hoop around my foot and roll about the floor “tiger pawing” at people. I was also thinking of ending the number with some double hoop action (I’ve been practicing thigh hooping and then vortexing another hoop) or maybe to just hoop and poi and the same time.  (thigh hooping and windmills.)

Problem with the double hoop action is that I don’t have 2 hoops of the same size, so the rotation speeds are not in sync, and throws the rhythm off.

I have a lot of work these next couple of days.  Not to mention I still have yet to go on a quest for the perfect pair of big granny panties. :p





I like this.

Caught this video on my feed today and really liked the simplicity of it.


I found it to be a very lovely piece.


Hoop Path Cleveland Thoughts.

I really wasn’t going to post anything about Hoop Path Cleveland, due to the fact that I only got to spend one day immersed in it.


It wasn’t that the workshop wasn’t good.  It was phenomenal.  As always, Baxter worked us hard and good. 

The only day I could attend Hoop Path, it was dedicated to core hooping, which I am a big fan of.  (doesn’t seem to be a lot of focus on core hooping lately.)

Anywho, It was all the usual drills.  Opposite current, chest, angles. . . reverse flow while in angles.

I totally rocked Chest hooping in Sky.  Have a gnarly bruise to prove it.

I must have missed out on the days where he got all deep and philosophical.  Not that he wasn’t somewhat deep and spiritual on the day I went.  I wanted to get into what the gist of “Open Air” was. I guess I was hoping for more of the Mydain, and stories of them.

From my understanding, the Mydain are a mythological tribe of orphan women who would get together and make hoops from trees.  They would go out into the world to find each other and hoop, and feel and just be.  They knew the secrets of ancient wisdom that was only revealed to them during the time they spent in their hoop.

This is all made up by Baxter, but it is a wonderful thought, a metaphor for the hooping community, because that is sort of how it is.  No one I knew was into hooping.  I was an “orphan” so to speak, and i found my “tribe”, or “sisters” who also were the only one’s out of their friends who were into hooping.  Then us hoopers would hand a non-hooper a hoop and tell them they were one of us now, because we could just feel with our hearts and soul that was what they have been waiting to do.

(Sounds sort of cult-ish.  :P)

I also kind of missed out on hanging out with everyone.  We had a lot of out of towners that I was hoping to connect with, but being that my time was pretty much monopolized with other things, I couldn’t really participate much in the get togethers.  I was able to go to the Pot Luck which was thrown by our community, so that was nice, but I was tired and sort of in a funk from other goings ons that I didn’t really get to interact with as many people as I would have liked.  It was still a good time though. 

The rest of the weekend was spent finishing up my play, which had a really good run, and was probably THE most talented cast I have ever been a part of.  To have been able to hold my own in a cast of theater majors, I gotta say I am quite proud of myself.



Holy Helix!

say whaaaaaaaaaa????

what the??????????  


-256 patterns.  256! 

-3 Different Random Modes and BPM Synchronized Changes

you can program your “random” modes to your favorite changes.

-Presets are grouped by type and are easy to navigate using 2 simple buttons.

-software to program your own personal patterns if you’re feeling savvy.

Just about the same price as the Astral and Phoenix.


Seriously, with a hoop like this, you don’t even have to know how to hoop bad ass.