Birthday Burlesque-ing

I’m getting ready to embark on a weekend “burlesque” tour to some neighboring cities.

Recently, I have just been asked to rejoin the burlesque troupe I have been performing with as a guest here and there.

I’m not sure if I ever delved into the story of my relationship with the group or not, but long story short, I was an original member, I couldn’t make all the meetings due to transportation issues,  was asked to just be a guest performer because my lack of attendance was “threatening” the unity of the group, and now…I am a member again.  (Though I still don’t see how my lack of physical presence at all weekly meetings reeeeeally affected the group dynamic….I was still active online.)

Anyways, So here I am…rock you like a hurricane.  A featured performer.


I’m hoping that this time around, things will be better.

It’s also my birfday this Sunday. 

Birthdays are incredibly important for me.  Not because I particularly like all the attention and focus being on me me me….but because I see them as reminders of the commitment we made to the lives we have embarked upon, and the paths we have crossed with others.

A day of the utmost gratitude and recognition. (Though don’t get me wrong…every day should be a day of gratitude.)

Life, even with all it’s good beautiful moments, is still pretty tough at times.  Our souls are facing great challenges.  It’s not easy.  And hopefully we will be able to overcome our challenges and evolve into even better versions of ourselves.

Because to me…that’s the point of life.  The constant learning towards the perfecting of one’s soul.  Life ain’t no chump school…Annie said it best…This is hard knocks.

So when birthday’s roll around, it’s kind of a big deal.  People should stop being modest.  They should pat themselves on the back.  They should feel entitled to a little praise, love, adoration and thanks. 

You’ve earned it.  You’ve SURVIVED this far.  You have taken on great challenges.  And hopefully learning a thing or two.

It doesn’t even need to be a day of birthday cakes and presents….though cake is always nice.  :). Just that simple recognition of hey, you know what….I’m still here…and that says a lot.

I dunno folks.  It makes me sad when I hear from people about how their day is just another day to them…that it doesn’t really matter.

It does matter.
Because you matter.
So do it up. You’re allowed to. You deserve to. And while you’re at it…do it up for me too. 😛


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