Burlesque Bust.



Sooooooo the Burlesque show. . .


What can I say about it other than once again, I was not as prepared as I would have liked to of been.


However, that being said, I did come up with a fairly simple routine the night before, that was cute, flirty and silly to boot.


Too bad that it all went out the window the moment I lost control of the hoop.

I had thrown in what I guess i will call an elbow toss?  Where you sort of roll the hoop under your elbow and catch it back in the front. . .and then from there I was to do this isolations while walking forward. . . but I never made it to the isolations, because when I did the elbow toss my hoop went rolling into the front row.

This in turn made me panic and totally blank on what the fuck I was suppose to do next. 

So in place of where the isolations were to be, I just swung the hoop around praying for any memory  as to what  to do next to return.

I managed to get it together for a bit, did some shoulder hooping while kneeling, hooped around my foot for a few seconds, but when it came to pulling my skirt over my head, I of course, dropped the hoop.  Which seems to be pretty typical for me and removing my bottoms.

During the last bit of  the song I had planned on double hooping, one around my knees, and the other one I was going to do some vortexing and then swinging it over my head.  ( I don’t know what the move is called.)

However, because my hoops were of different sizes ( and try as I could to find two of the same size relatively) the momentum was all thrown off.  Especially to my jittered nerves for fucking up pretty much what I felt, the whole entire song.  I couldn’t keep the hoop going around my legs and it would fall.  . . and well, I just felt like a jack ass.

It wouldn’t have been such an issue if there hadn’t been another hooper there that night performing with her fancy schmancy hoop.  In my opinion, you got a fanchy schmancy hoop, and you can dazzle anyone.

Not that she was horrible, she was pretty good.

Which made me feel like an even bigger boob.

 (I mean, my boobs were bigger than hers, but that’s besides the point.)

Anywho, I wasn’t going to post the video, but after several remarks from friends telling me to shut up and it’s not as bad as I thought it was, I decided why the hell not..  It’s dark anyways, so you really can’t see all that much going on. 

I think Foxy Moon is going into retirement for while.  At least until she can get her shit together.