30 Day Song Challenge: I’ll Do It Live!

Day 14 – A song you like hearing live

Ummm, Christ.

I have seen a lot of shows in my day . . . and all because I want to hear the band I am going to see, play their shit live.  I mean, duh.  It’s just better live.  Unless it’s the Smashing Pumpkins, and then it’s like WTF?  This shit sucks.  (Why Billy???  Why??  Why did you have to scream every single fucking song????)

Annnyways, I got a couple.  So Bear with me.

A band that I have seen numerous times, and because they are good times, and play their shit rather well live:

Side story: I was friends with some of the guys of the band on Myspace back in the day, and Tate Nucleus once commented on a picture of me and a Theremin.  I thought I was gonna piss myself!  Then when the band came to town, I stuck around after the show and talked to Tate very briefly.  He showed me the Theremin effect on his keyboard.  It was awesome!


Oh and Dick Valentine pulled me up onstage once and serenaded me.


Pick two, would be ANY song from Dub Trio.  These F’rs just fucking ROCK.  Hard and good.  They are so good live, it makes me want to kick myself in the face.

And lastly, best live rendition of the Halloween theme song ever.

I’ve seen the drummer just shred his drum sticks over this song.

Good stuff by the Chiefs.

30 Day Song Challenge: Mi Mi Mi Mi! La La La La!

Day 13 – A song you sing to in the shower

I did a lot of musical theater in high school. . . annnnnnd I was in lots of choirs.  Back in the day I had a pretty good set of pipes on me.  Alto Power!

However, over the years, I stopped singing as much (except druken karaoke) and well, my pipes be rusty.

So, When I do sing in the shower, or the car, or where ever I feel like singing for no good particular reason, It is usually show tunes.

Some would be:

Hey Big Spender

All That Jazz

Hello Dolly

All of Godspell.

Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee, and There are Worse Things I could do.

And The one i seem to bust out more often than nought, would be. . . . .

I’ve also been known to belt out some Whitesnake. . . But we won’t go there.

Oh, and side note, never give your heart to a man who also loves and busts out some JCS . . I warn you of this due to 1st hand experience.


The Point of Singularity

I’m not sure where it was I was going in this dream, or where exactly I was.  All in know is that there were others with me.  Whether or not I knew these other individuals in my waking life or even in this dream, I also have no idea.  All I know is that our lives, were floating towards the direction of singularity.

Again, it was the feeling of ceasing to exist that seemed to dominate the dream.

In physics, the point of singularity can refer to many things, however, the one that seems to be resonating most with me, is that of a black hole.  That all information breaks down.

I am not sure, but it felt like me and my cohorts where nearing one perhaps?  Even though the setting of the dream did not feel Sci-Fi/spacey.

I remember calling my mother on the phone to say goodbye.  It was sort of sad, because she did not want me to go.  I kept telling her that there may be a chance I could come back, if the higher intelligent beings would allow it, step in, and send us back.

I have no idea what the hell that means.

Yet as we traveled closer to this “point” I lost communication with my mom.  I was then left hoping that whoever these intelligent beings were, would hurry up and save us.

Save us they did, while I never “saw” these beings.  There presence was felt, as was a weird energy.  Like they had the ability to manipulate time.

Next thing I know, I am in a “new” life, with these others, and we are talking about the number of times that we have all been sent back. (or how many more times we will need to go back??) I can only remember my OAOABF’s number, who was now in the dream as “someone else”.  Either he has been incarnated 157 times, or he is fated to another 157 lifetimes.

It was definitely a weird ass dream.

My philosophical and spiritual views are deeply steeped in theories of reincarnation.

After all, from a scientific view point, energy is never destroyed.  Just transformed.  And, we are beings of energy.

Whether or not our consciousness, our personalities, sense of self awareness . . .what have you, survive this life onto whatever is next, I have no idea.  Once upon a time I had been so inclined to tell you absolutely.  Yet, age, and lost of spiritual connectivness has weakened this feeling.  I still fee l it to a degree, but there seems to be some doubt lurking about.

I like to think that we as souls are  eternal. . .I mean, If God/Goddess/Universe/ Etc.. is, was, and always will be, and if we are created from that, then we too are, was, and always will be.

So why re-incarnating?

Because it is the only way in which to perfect our souls.

Anyways, I just thought it an odd dream.  That or the Tall Greys are fucking with me once again.  Assholes.


30 Day Song Challenge: Halelu Adir Adirim

Day 12 – A song that reminds you of your best friend

I have lots of best friends… Cause my friends are the best!

However, I’ll keep it simple this time. 

 My friend Colleen.  I fucking adore her.  She has really become one of my life lines.  Her unwavering support and unconditional love has gotten me through a lot of rough times.  She is my rock.  And she is a hoot to be around.  We are always laughing and acting silly. 

The song I chose for her is because when I first started hooping and showing up to jams, I would sit and watch in amazement at what a beautiful hooper she is.  She has such flow and grace.  I’d have to say she is probably one of the most talented hoopers I have ever met.  This song was always on her playlist for jams.  So anytime i listen to this song, I always see Colleen hooping her beautiful flow in my head.



30 Day Song Challenge: Everyone Has a Summer

Boy I be blowing up yo shit today!  Wha What?!

A song that reminds you of summer:

Christ.  Again.  We could be here all day.

I was sent some mix cds years ago, that would become the soundtrack to my summers hence there on.

So here are just a few from those cds:

The last one i especially love.


This Kicks My Ass.

Love this. . .on sooooo many levels!!

Yay for Foxy!

The show was an absolute hit!  I have to say it was probably THE best variety show/benefit that I have ever been a part of.

There were vendors, there were bands, there were pole dancers, belly dancers, burlesque dancers (and goddess bless her heart a 65 yr old Burlesque dancer), Metal grinders and fire eaters. 


Oh and Me!


I didn’t go on till around 11, and the coordinator had wanted the performers to be there by a set time.  The show started at 8, and that’s about when I got there.


I have to say that I was nervous the whole night.  I wanted to do the show justice, and I didn’t want people thinking the hula hoop girl sucked.  Tis my inner performer perfectionist. 


About a half hour before I was to go on, I slipped into the “dressing” area and tried to warm up a bit.  It was hard because people were walking in and out and there wasn’t much room, so I would have to stop and let them go by.


I had worked into one part of my act where I was gonna duck out, grab the hoop and spin it around me, so that I would have it to do spins in front of me.  It was something that I had practiced all day, and while I was nailing it at home, I was not nailing it 15 mins before I was to go on.  The hoop kept flying off of me, and I wasn’t catching it in time.  So I decided to just nix it and do some vortexes instead.  Better to be safe than sorry.


I mean, the routine was fairly simple.  Not overly “tricksy”, mainly because I wanted to for once be comfortable with removing my clothing.  I always seem to have wardrobe malfunctions.  Stuff getting stuck in my hair, or not unzipping, or the hoop falling while I am unbuttoning. . . which would send me into a panic, so whatever.


I think this time I came up with a pretty decent number.  In fact my one friend told me that it was the best foxy moon routine she has ever seen me do.  And she is an amazing hooper.. . so she would know.  😛


I kinda feel that way too.  I mean, yeah, there were some parts that were not sharp, but I made it through and the audience seemed to really enjoy it.

I was happy to see a group of women standing in the front of the stage dancing and having a good time.  I am so glad I went with the song that I did.


I stuck around till the last performance, but after it was over I had to split.  The anxiety of wanting to do good and then the adrenaline totally wore me out.  Plus for whatever reasons, my bones started to ache and stiffen, probably due to the fact that I was running around and hooping in heels way longer than need be.


That and I was hungry.  So I went and got a very well deserved cheeseburger.  J



So all and all, I am pleased with how it went.  I didn’t drop the hoop, which is always my major concern, I got my shit off with no major problem.  And people really seemed to like my number.  In fact a few people came up to me and told me how much they liked it.  A girl actually hugged me! 


So yeah!  Yeah for Foxy!

Thoughts During My Performance

Ok. . .just breathe, just breathe.  Relax.  Relax.  You got this. 


I hope there is enough room on the stage.


Please do not let me bump into anything.


Please please do not let me drop the hoop.


Dear gods of hooping, please let me have a good performance.


Ok, shit, Ok. . . I’m up.  Ok.  Relax.  I got this.


Stage looks roomy.  Ok.  Be mindful of that platform.


Ok, good start. . . smile. . . Make eye contact. . . Flirty flirty. . . Are you making eye contact?




Gonna have to do super model walk the other way down the stage.  No biggy.


Shit shit shit. . . for got to turn opposite direction with hoop. 


It’s ok. . . just keep going.  SMILE.  FLIRTY!


Butt shake butt shake. . .ok get ready for next part. . .


Eye contact .. .don’t forget to engage the audience.


Shit shit shit. . . losing control of the hoop.  .


Damn it those tosses were not sharp at all. . . Mother Fuck. . .Keep smiling. . .keep going. . . It’s ok, you got it.


Shake butt. . . Christ this hoop is gonna fall over


Glove work. . here we go. . .  Smile. . . Flirty Flirty . . .


Get ready for spins. . shit.  . missed the first spin. . .oh well, keep going,


Please hoop do not fly off over my neck. . get to where you need to be. . .Ok, smile. . Camp it up. . .


Wow, those ladies in the front are really loving this song!  Look at em dancing!


Ok. Good good, doing good, don’t let it fall. . . smile. . .


Corset. . . start unhooking. . . almost done. . .Get more flirty. . .


Shit I tied the string on the crop top too tight, shit shit shit shit. . . can’t pull it open with teeth. . .


It’s good. . .we got this. . . smile. ..  have fun. . .


Shit shit shit shit hoop not in right position for bow. . .uhhh. . . improvise. . . shit shit shit. .

Smile!!  Breathe!! 


All Done!

Hooping in the Show. . . Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night is the show.

At the moment I am ok.  Just trying to prepare myself what could go wrong, such as spacing. . . I always forget my spacing, bump against a wall, and well, that’s it.

I came up with about 80% of my routine.  It’s simple, but not overtly simple, and I will make lots of cutesy flirty faces. (Think of Toddlers and Tiaras flirty faces. . .on second thought don’t.)

The only real issue I have left is costuming.

I decided to wear what I wore for my Joan Jett debacle,  however, I was going to add this little pleather crop top to wear under the corset top.  It ties in the front, and I thought that It would eat up time, and I could pull the string open with my teeth, pull one side open to offer a peak and then shut it only to open the other side for a peak. . .


The corset though, because of how it hooks up in the front seems to be taking up more time than I care to get undone.  So I might just toss it and stick with just the crop top.  But not sure how it will work.  I’d have to improvise for about 30 seconds or so. .. which may not seem like a whole lot of time, but when you have no idea what to do, it can feel like forever.

I’ve been trying to practices the unclothing process, but the only real space I have to do so, is at work.  Now that the company has been bought out, and they are only letting 3 of us stay here, I have plenty of empty offices in which to hoop in, however, I am not gonna just strip layers of clothing off while I am on business hours.  (or on my lunch)

Sooo. . . I’m not sure how I want it to play it.

I am also having trouble with the gloves, seeing as I have no idea what happened to my elbow fish net ones, and have been using these fingerless lace ones.  I mean, they are ok, just not so seductive to take off.

But I did jazz up a cheap bra I found with some glitter, and I have this pink feathery boa trim I was thinking about adding to the brazier.

That and I am also toying with the idea of wearing these pink and black polka dot ruffley boy shorts I got a while back that show off more booty than I care to show in a public forum.


That last part is really testing my lack of inhibition when it comes to my ass.  I think if I tape the wares to my butt securely so that not a whole lot of cheek comes out then it’s a good possibility.  If not than it’s back to my black spanks.

I did a test run with hair and make up and feel confident about that.  I feel confident about the routine up until I have to take the clothing off.

So yeah.

Wish me luck!

30 Day Song Challenge: Questa stanza non ha più pareti

Day 10 – A song that makes you cry

Well wouldn’t the songs that make you sad category also make you wanna cry?

Shit.  I dunno.  It depends on my mood I guess.  The circumstances. . . like if I am having relationship problems and listen to the Smiths or some other crap that seems to be pertinent to my situation, then It just intensifies those feelings, and well, I cry.  Or if I am just having an off day, and a song comes on that I feel is relatable, you know. . I cry.  It could be Lil Wayne for all I know. (ok, not really. . .unless you count crying out of sheer and utter disbelief that people actually buy that crap.)

However, there is one song I suppose that seems to invoke tears (or watery-ness of some sorts) upon listening to whatever the mood:

To me this song is the embodiment of being in love with someone.

Il Cielo In Una Stanza

Quando sei qui con me
questa stanza non ha più pareti
ma alberi,
alberi infiniti
quando sei qui vicino a me
questo soffitto viola
no, non esiste più.
Io vedo il cielo sopra noi
che restiamo qui
come se non ci fosse più
niente, più niente al mondo.
Suona un’armonica
mi sembra un organo
che vibra per te e per me
su nell’immensità del cielo.
Per te, per me:
nel cielo

Translated it goes something like this:

The Sky In One Room

When you are here with me
this room has no walls
but trees,
never ending trees
when you are here close to me
this purple ceiling
no, it doesn’t exist anymore
I see the sky above us
and we stay here
as if nothing else existed anymore
nothing else in the world.
An harmonica is playing
it sounds like an hammond
that vibrates for you an for me
up in the immensity of the sky
for you, for me
in the sky

Plus Mike Patton singing this. . .man.  It melts my heart.  (and knees and various other body parts.) He breathed such emotion into this song.  I love Mike Patton.

It’s simple,passionate, dramatic and sweet.  I just think it’s a beautiful song. A beautiful rendition.  A beautiful love.

It also makes me want to learn Italian.

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