Fun Bags and Snow Flow Get up

Tomorrow will mark a month long “exhibit” of my Fun Bags at a popular local restaurant.

I should point out that my Fun Bags are actually little bags that I make. I probably started making them about 3 or 4 years ago?  and would only gift them or sell one to a friend here and there.

Now a whole bunch will be on display and for sale!  woo woo! I am quite excited, and also very nervous. I hope that people will like them, and even more so, I hope that some get bought up. (and that they actually Hold up.)

I maybe took one sewing class my whole life and make the rest up as I sew.
I’ve been using my funbag for over a year now, and while it looks a little beat up (cause i beat the crap out of my bags.  Literally.  I’ll punch that bitch.  Just kidding.) it’s holding up rather well.  soooooo. . . .fingers crossed I sell many a fun bags that can go towards an atomic hoop.


Bad ass!

On another note, trying to narrow down my Snow Flow “Formal” attire.  I have a lightening bug costume that I wore one Halloween which i am considering.  I sewed in electroluminescent wiring to the underneath for a, err, lighting bug? effect.  It’s a really cute dress (sewed it myself!  well with some help.) and I really don’t have anywhere else to wear it (except another Halloween.) and I am thinking that could be a good time to bust it out


(ignore the viking. . he’s an ass.)

(back of dress.  you can’t see very well, but the bottom of the green tulle lights up.)

The other option I have is a little less wacky and waaaaay simpler.  I wore this costume for one of the very 1st Hoop Burlesque numbers i did.  I love this skirt.  It’s got great movement and it’s just fun.

Not sure if I would do the purple wig. . . though it would be waaay easier to deal with than my actual hair.

However, now that my hair is longer I can do more stuff with it, such as curl it and what not. . .and i have lots of cute feathery/flowery head bands I could wear.

So those are my choices.  Right now I think I am leaning towards the last one.  I’m thinking it will probably be easier to hoop and move around in.

The end.

Piryokopi Hoops

This is a pretty cool video of mini’s and isolations.

I myself don’t think I have the coordination or patience for mini work.



The Ladies of Tech Poi

wow! amazing video of some kick ass gals doing some kick ass tech poi! Love it!

Makes me wanna pick up my poi more and start practicing and whapping myself in the head! 😛

(because that is always the inevitable when learning new poi moves. )

*Mental note to myself: Need to shorten my poi strings and get me some Crystal cases for my Flow Lights.


Foot Hoop

I’ve been working on hooping around my foot.  What I will do is just go home, lay on the floor and see how long I can keep the hoop going around my foot before it comes crashing down into my face.


Fun stuff.


It was something I started awhile ago, and thought i should refine. . because you never know when you will need to hoop something around the arch of your foot. 



That and there is not much room in my place to do any off body stuff.


I gotta say that it actually feels pretty good, because of the stretching the leg out business, and I need all the help I can get with flexibility in my legs. (seeing as the majority of my bone problems are centralized in that area.)


I was finally able to give my hoop “guts” over to a friend who said he would build the rest of my LED hoop.  It’s nothing fancy, but the colors are pretty (pink, green, blue and ultra violet) and i myself soldered all them little LED’s on the strand myself.  Go me.  Hopefully he can have it finished in time for Snow Flow which is next weekend. 


I also am starting to bring my hoop back into work with me for 10 minute workouts during my break. 

This year, I wanna be hoop awesome, and I don’t just mean in my abilities, but just awesome in my hoop and life in general. 






Shit I Don’t Say.

Since a good chunk of my friends on FB are hoopers, these have been going around like crazy.

So glad that I have never said any of this shit.

Well, maybe except the flow part.

Burlesque Bow

Saw this the other day and thought it super cute.  Not that I am doing Burlesque these days, but just in case the opportunity ever arises again.

On another note, I came into a small bit of monies from my old car being junked.  I am wanting to get myself a little something fun, so I was thinking about a new LED hoop.  I have one that is in the process of being made, but i think i would like one with lights that actually change colors and what not.  I think today I’ll look into some.  I was thinking of going with the Prism hoop from Mood Hoops. . . but the only draw back there is that someone else from jam has one.  But it’s so pretty.


I was also thinking about just stashing it for my Burning Man fund.  I really want to go this year, and strangely enough, my W2 came early.  Hopefully I can get my return back in time for registration for the 3rd tier of tickets.  Right now, BM is such a touch and go subject with me.  It carries a lot of anxiety.  The planning, the actual going… Dealing with telling the BF that I am going if I go and if we are still together then.  Blech.

Maybe I will just stick with getting a new hoop.  If Bm is meant to be, it will be.  And I will deal with it then.

Besides I could always put it towards an atomic hoop. . .:P

Just Let your Snow Flow!

It’s been a pretty quiet year as far as Hooping and what not goes.  I have been trying to get back into the community, but am just overwhelmed and disappointed over the attitudes and behavior of people in the group.  So I haven’t been hitting up jams as much as I was this time last year.


Still the same old crap.  Ego.


Two weeks ago, I went to jam only to walk in and have all the noobs avert their eyes from me and ignore my hellos.  Like wtf? 


And it wasn’t so much the noobs.  But a group of hoopers who all hang out together who I shall dub the asswanks.  I know that’s not nice.  But whatever.


For me, Jam does not feel like the hub of commuinty it once was. It’s like everyone has their own agendas now.
whatever.  .




However, I am excited to say that the folks of Louisville are throwing their second annual Snow Flow festival 1st weekend in Feb.  I am pretty stoked because the line up of workshops look amazing and I want to take them all, but due to money constraints I am only doing 3.


It took me a damn near week to narrow my choices down.  It was a tough decision but I am doing Beginning Fire Eating, (here’s hoping i don’t burn my face off!) Wall Planes (which is a poi class) and Tosses and Contact Rolls (hoop)


Other contenders were Circus Tricks (which I think may be way to advanced for me. . .I’m sure contact rolls will be a bit challenging) Core Hooping, and Rhythmic Gymnastics with the Hoop. 


Since a lot of the classes seems to focus around finding your flow and incorporating dance into it, and since I feel i got that covered, might as well start pushing my boundaries and comfortable zones a bit. Which I think i did just that.

The best part of this whole weekend is the Snow Flow Formal which they hold Saturday night.  It’s sort of a Hooper’s Ball, where you get all dressed up and hoop the night away.

Sort of like Prom for hoopers. . .but trashier.  Cause Hoopers like to hoop in slutty shit. (well maybe slutty is a bit harsh. But less clothes makes for better hooping.  Just saying.)

And who doesn’t like to get all dressed up and let their inner persona out?




Another part of this weekend that I am looking forward to is just spending time with m’girls.  And I mean the ones I hold most dear to me.  It’s nice to just get away and do something a bit girly,even if there are a few boys intermittently spread about




So It should be good stuff.  And I really need a good weekend.  Life is kinda blah and pa-tooey at the moment. Lot’s of stuff going on with the boyfriend. . . yet again.

I was thinking about writing about that as well, but I don’t really feel like putting the energy into it.  Maybe I will one day.  Again, not like anyone reads this, so it doesn’t matter, but I suppose in a way it could be therapeutic for me.  As always, We shall see.